About OTRB

What is On The Radar Baseball?

On The Radar Baseball is an annual subscription to an extensive collection of college and baseball information designed to help players and families navigate through the college recruiting process.

OTRB is an online resource for aspiring student-athletes and parents who have interest in college baseball and beyond. Members will have access to searchable college acceptance information by division, by league, or by state as well as tuition, room and board, and academic requirements for each school. Members have access to updated information on the recruiting process as well as the do’s and don’ts for players and parents. Additionally, members are provided a profile template to be used in the recruiting process.

About Us

On the Radar Baseball program was created by former college athletes, professional athletes and business executives with intimate knowledge of baseball recruiting, college-level baseball and professional-level insights. OTRB allows a student-athlete the ability to realize his dream of being accepted and playing in a quality college baseball program.

Former Major League Gold Glove Shortstop, Ruben Amaro Sr. once said, "a quality education will open many doors when combining it with baseball as an extra-curricular activity". Sons Ruben Amaro Jr. and David Amaro took this to heart. They were advanced high school players and played at Stanford and Duke University respectively. The brothers played professionally and Ruben Jr. played in the Major Leagues, was a Senior VP and General Manager with the Philadelphia Phillies, and is currently coaching at the Major League level. They provided assistance in the development of On The Radar Baseball using their contacts, knowledge, and experience.